Website Development

A Good Website Will Work Hard For Your Business

Fundamentally, your website is there to generate business for your company. In order to do this the website has to look great to visitors and search engines alike. Above all, it has to be able to give whatever visitors are looking for…

  • A solution to their problems or needs
  • Information about your company along with its products and services

Most research shows that visitors will only stay a few seconds on your website if they can’t immediately see something relating to what they are searching. If they don’t find it quickly they will return to wherever they started the search and go to one of your competitor’s sites.

Even if they do stay to look around you still need to encourage them to contact you or buy from you by providing website content that…

  • Gives them confidence that your company can reliably provide the quality products and/or services they need
  • Gives them a clear understanding of your competitive advantages
  • Gives them ideas and answers any questions they may have
  • Makes it quite clear what is the next step to purchase or to find out more information

What Does a Great Website Have To Do?

Satisfy Visitor Needs

Your website visitors will arrive after either having searched for a product or service that meets their needs or having found an advert or link that sets expectations that your website is going to meet their needs. A great website must deliver upon those expectations, clearly setting out your products and/or services and how they will meet the visitors’ requirements.

Competitive Advantage

Your website visitors will also look at your competitors’ websites. Your website must convey your competitive advantage clearly so that visitors want to use you rather than one of your competitors. A great website will explain the unique benefits (not just features) of your products and/or services in such a way that visitors are clear why they should use you rather than one of your competitors.

Call to Action

What do you want your website visitors to do after they have decided that they like your products and/or services? A great website has a clear ‘Call to action’ as to what they should do next. This could be any of…

  • buy online (if the site is an online shop)
  • contact you by phone or email
  • submit an enquiry form
  • visit your premises.

Beautiful and Responsive

A great website should look stunning so that your business stands out from its competitors. This is through a combination of layout and design as well as the use of images that support the messages you want to give to your visitors. The website must also be ‘responsive’ so that it adapts itself to look good on any device be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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