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Electrify Your Marketing!

Digency can help you to electrify your marketing and grow your business by…

  • Generating More Leads for Your Business
  • Converting More Leads for Your Business

Lead Generation

Leads are the power source that feeds your business and helps it to grow! To turn prospective customers into leads they have to find out about your business and like it enough to visit your website. We can help prospects find and visit your website with several of our solutions and services…

Online Advertising

On Google, Facebook and many other places; this will help you get directly in front of prospects that need your products or services. With Google Search Advertising you can advertise to prospects searching for your products and services. You can also post Display Adverts to people who are likely to want your Products or Services on other sites that they are likely to visit.

Search Engine Optimisation

This will help your website improve rankings in Google searches for terms related to your products or services. Your website content and structure are crucial as Google needs to determine that it is a good match for those queries. When we develop websites we always make sure that everything we do is optimised for search engines and people.

Social Media Marketing

This will help to get you in front of people who like your company and its products or services. Delighted customers will share your content and their experiences with others who may become customers based upon these recommendations. It also provides a great way to engage with customers and prospects who use social media.

Lead Conversion

Now you’ve got visitors to your website; how do you convert them into sales? Large numbers of website visitors are useless if they don’t buy anything from you. If you’ve got an online shop then you want them to buy your products and services directly. If you can’t, or don’t want to, sell stuff directly online you want the visitors to contact you (by phone, email or form submission) or visit you so that you can close the sale. Here’s how we can help…

Website Development

Your website should be well structured so that visitors can easily find their way about it and it should have compelling content that delivers upon the expectation of adverts or search results and encourages them to buy or to find out more. We always build websites around the perceived need of visitors, prospects and customers.

Reputation & Reviews

Before a website visitor buys anything from you (or before they contact you) they will probably want to check out your reputation and reviews to make sure that your business is a trustworthy supplier of quality products and/or services. They will check you out on various review and social sites. We can help you build an online reputation and get great reviews from your customers.

Nurturing Relationships

For more complex purchases a customer will need to enter into a dialogue with you in order to find out more about your products and/or services and to discuss particular requirements. You can use our marketing automation solutions to guide them through this process. This can be used to help build a relationship which can help close the deal and facilitate future business.

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